Our values

HKScan is the leading Nordic meat expert. We produce, market and sell high-quality, responsibly-produced pork, beef, poultry and lamb products, processed meats and convenience foods under strong brand names. Our customers are the retail, food service, industrial and export sectors, and our home markets comprise Finland, Sweden, Denmark and the Baltics. We export to close to 50 countries. In 2015, HKScan had net sales of approximately EUR 1.9 billion and some 7 400 employees. 

  • Mission

    Being a leader means to bear responsibility since others have to align with the standards set by our company. Consequently, keeping traditions alive, continuously upgrading and improving meat processing technology we take care of all Latvian residents.

  • Vision

    We are striving for non-stop development: new products and product groups have been launched, new facilities have been commenced and the number of employees has been considerably increased. This is as it should be. Each and all would like to raise quality and diversify meat meals both every day and on special occasions.

  • Quality

    We care for our loved ones and we are aware that our customers do the same. That is why any product labelled by the logo “Rīgas Miesnieks” is made with the utmost care and love by virtue of the long-term expertise of our specialists applying the high-quality raw materials and the most advanced production methods.

  • Environment

    In order to decrease our impact on the environment, we use measurable improvements by partially diminishing the consumption of resources, making full use of materials, as well as cutting emissions to the air, land and water. We reduce the use of chemical products as much as possible. The company works in accordance with the effective legislation, regulatory enactments and other legally binding requirements that are relevant to the Environmental Management System, and also cooperates with government institutions and organisations in order to ensure that its activities conform to its public goals.


    We constantly improve the Environmental Management System to make as little negative impact on the environment as possible. The management of the company supports and provides the efficiency of the Environmental Management System and its conformity to the present standard requirements. 

AS "HKScan Latvia"

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